Stan Group Announces Buy-a-Brick Powered by Liquefy Technology to Reward Staff Members Through Revenue Sharing.

HONG KONG - November 4, 2019 - Stan Group (Holdings) Limited ("Stan Group") has announced the launch of Buy-a-Brick, an innovative employee incentive and recognition programme facilitated by Liquefy's blockchain technology that gives Stan Group employees the chance to generate wealth alongside the Group through real estate tokenization.

Liquefy, a technology platform offering end-to-end tokenization solutions, powers Buy-a-Brick by digitizing property information as immutable records on the blockchain, which allows rewards backed by real estate assets to be securely issued and managed using smart contracts. Committed to driving corporate innovation, Stan Group has pioneered the application of real estate tokenization to employee incentive and recognition. Buy-a-Brick is designed to motivate staff engagement in innovation, cultivate entrepreneurship, and recognize staff contribution. Unlike other conventional revenue-sharing models, Buy-a-Brick rewards employees' engagement in innovation with digital tokens, each called a "Brick", which represent future capital gains in selected buildings, without making any monetary contribution. If the selected building is sold, Brick holders will be entitled to share the profit made on the property sale.

"We are thrilled to launch Buy-a-Brick for internal staff as it redefines staff appreciation. I believe every one of our staff members plays an integral role in the Group's success and should be able to reap the reward and share the value created," said Stan Tang, Chairman of Stan Group. "The launch of Buy-a-Brick has cemented the leading position of Stan Group in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. Buy-a-Brick started with a dream, through matching the idea with resources within our business ecosystem, it is now a reality. I hope to ignite innovation and initiate change within and outside the Group, and shape a better future for entrepreneurs and all."

"The Buy-a-Brick programme is such a meaningful application of blockchain technology towards incentivising and recognizing employees," said Adrian Lai, CEO of Liquefy. "It's very motivating that your contribution not only rewards you with Bricks, but could potentially increase the value of the Bricks you already own; since your work drives the growth of the Group as a whole, and the growth of the business might increase the value of the properties which then reflected in the returns you get as Brick holders. The programme is a great addition to the established Stan Group credit system that will continue to reinforce the sense of community and belonging among employees, brick by brick."

Liquefy is also a participant of the STILE Initiative, Asia's first investment-backed residential incubation programme founded by Stan Group. The launch of Buy-a-Brick is showcase of successful collaboration between corporation and start-ups in driving innovation and transformation.

AWS services

AWS offers some unique features which helps the tokenization project comprehensively. Virtual Private Cloud allows us to define a virtual network where we can launch AWS cloud resources. We can control our virtual networking environment completely through Amazon VPC. For example, we configure network gateways and route tables, create subnets and choose our own IP address range.

With the conditions we lay out, Auto-Scaling feature allows us to scale our EC2 capacity, which we can minimize costs during spikes or lulls in demand. In addition, auto-scaling also handle failures similar to load balancer handles unresponsive servers. And maintain the servers highly available.

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