Company Overview

Liquefy is a technology solution that enables innovative business models through blockchain technology and digitization. Liquefy Platform, the first product of Liquefy, enables digitization of assets such as private companies, public shares, funds, real estates and any other assets using blockchain technology. Digital securities will enable issuers to raise capital faster, easier and cheaper while unlocking liquidity for investors.

Liquefy Platform utilizes our core proprietary technologies, which allows asset owners and institutions to tokenize any assets, providing compliance services and manage fractional ownership.

The platform provides tools such as Decentralized Company Secretary (DSC), Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS), Corporate Action Management and Secondary Trading Backbone.

While the Liquefy Platform has already been soft launched, we are in the stage of on-boarding clients including real estate developers, close-ended funds and private companies on the Liquefy Platform.

Besides digital securities issuance, the Liquefy technology stack allows us to work with distribution and trading platforms with backend subscription engine and trading settlement layer respectively. We also provide white-labelled issuance and distribution solutions to our clients.